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Monthly term plan for the children aged 0-5 specifically (but also the big kids too), we have loose monthly ’focus points’ to help introduce new interests or extend upon those shown. Planning takes into consideration the Early Years Foundation Stage, celebrations, seasons, children’s individual interests and developmental needs.  Focus points are subject to change if children show a particular interest.


January - Sensory play


February - Sensory play, Valentines Day/Chinese New Year/Pancake Day


March - St David’s Day/St Patrick’s Day/ Mothers Day/Spring/World Book Day


April - Easter/Spring/St George’s Day, healthy eating


May - Oral hygiene - summer


June - Transport/Fathers Day


July -  Transition - leaving setting to go to school.


August - Summer holidays - lots of outings!


September - Transition - starting new setting - Under the sea 


October - Halloween/ Black history month - Autumn, halloween.

November - Diwali, Fireworks - Baking with maths, phonics, science, all about me.


December - Christmas

Within the monthly term plan we focus all areas within the 7 levels of learning.




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