Normal hours of work - 8am - 7pm


Work place childcare vouchers (check with your place of work), HM Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme or bank transfers/standing orders.  No cheques please!


Look after children from 6 months  to all school ages.

15 hours per week free government funding extra hours on top £6 per hour

charge between £7 per hour  for part time 

Same for the free 30 hours for 3 & 4 year olds for working parents extra hours on top £6 per hour.

All children doing free government 15 hours per week parents will need to provide them with a healthy pack lunch. 


All children doing free government 30 hours per week  parents will need to provide them with a healthy pack lunch, snacks will be provided at my setting or a hot meal for longer hours.

Full time private £50 per day min 3 days

After school pick ups                                     £7 per hour includes hot meals per day.


Unsocial hours                                                After 6pm £10

Sickness (childminder)                                No fee

Sickness (child/parent)                                Full fee

Childminder's holiday                                  Full fee - For private customers 4 weeks holiday take at the same time as parents. 

Parent's holiday                                             Full fee

Parent's occasional days off                       Full fee
Bank Holidays (not worked)                        No fee

Bank Holidays (if worked)                           Double fee

Late Payment fee                                            £5 Per day until full debt paid off


Unauthorised overtime Rate                        £5 per 10 mins  


School inset days                                             Full payment

Deposit to secure a placement                 two  week's non refundable  deposit - used  for childcare fees.