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My childcare policies all comply with the purpose and aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These give each child the best possible start in life and support to fulfill their potential and to help young children achieve the five Every Child Mattersoutcomes of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, achieving economic well-being.

Here is some of my policies. These policies will be given to you to read in full at our first meeting. When entering into a contract I will require parents to sign a form to confirm they have read and understood all policies. 


Admissions/Settling In, Administration and Record Keeping, Care, Learning and Play, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Anti Discrimination, Communication, Illness and Infections, Fees and Hours, Healthy Eating, Meals, Holiday, Medication, Behaviour, Confidentiality, Sun Safety, Special Needs, Fire Evacuation , No Smoking, Working with Parents, Complaints, Physical Contact, Termination, Missing or Lost Children, Child Protection, Potty training/Nappy Changing, Food Hygiene, Hygiene, House Rules, Arrivals and Collections, Outings and Travel, Accident/Incident.


Administering medicine


I am happy to administer medicine to a child but I require written consent to do this.


There is a general consent form that can be filled in by you allowing me to administer medicine to your child. Please contact me or see me in person should you need one of these.



Behavioural management


I operate a total non-physical punishment policy in line with Pacey. No child in my care will suffer pain or humiliation, as I believe in positive discipline as a more effective way of managing behaviour:


  • Reward and give lots of praise for good behaviour 


  • Praise and give attention to avoid it being sought


  • Give the children individual attention so they feel valued 


  • Set realistic targets 


  • Be consistent in saying NO and explaining the reason for it 


  • Ensure an apology and hugs are given

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